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A little bit about us

x8 Data Company is a group of passionate individuals that love data, problem solving, and happy customers (and maybe not in that order). Do you know that one (kind of weird) person that just loves being in spreadsheets all day? That’s us. We love data.

Started in Austin, TX as a family-run venture, we are now a virtual company spread across the country. In addition to those that work full time, we are proud of the team of hundreds of crowdsourced workers we contract with worldwide. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to solve half the problems we do today.

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Our mission

mission statement

We help your business grow by providing meaningful work through the community with a sense of balance and authenticity so you can focus on a better tomorrow.

Our core values

Team member wellbeing is a shield from burnout.


We care about the well-being for everyone.

Colleagues in the office share a community and have a conversation


We pursue meaningful work through the power of community.

A team member has the autonomy to work on tasks


Our team has the autonomy to work in areas they are most passionate which results in our success

Team members show signs of mutual respect


We respect and listen to our people

A person shows that they are the key to business excellence


Dedicated to innovation and excellence

A work team collaborating on a project


No two ideas are alike, we value the diverse backgrounds of our team to provide collaborative insight

Our team

Dustin Weghorst


When not attached to his computer, you can find Dustin either on the sofa with his wife Tara and two dogs or scheming his next international adventure.

Jess Carson

Director of Operations

As a current grad student at St. Edwards University for Clinical Mental Health, she is passionate about improving work culture, mindfulness and meditation, and providing a listening ear to friends.

Grace Weghorst

Director of Customer Success

Dreams of traveling the world but contents herself with traveling the US for junior volleyball tournaments and down the street for ramen.

Kristina Ludwig

Data Entry Analyst

When not spending time with family or crafting ornaments, she enjoys attending horror conventions and reciting random movie trivia to anyone who will listen.

Adam Adli

Data Engineer

He is passionate about music, aesthetics, and everything obscure.

Alex Weghorst

Crowdsourcing Manager

He enjoys building things, it started with hammers and drills but now his tools are JavaScript and Python

Barak Saidoff

Junior Python Developer

As a former Sergeant in the IDF, Barak is passionate about pushing himself and continuously learning. When he's not working on solving complex problems, he spends his time traveling and drawing.

Where we work

While x8 Data works with people from all around the world to create solutions that make our customer's smile, most of our work is done at our headquarters in Austin, Texas. If you're ever near, we'd love to buy you a coffee.

x8 Data Company LLC
500 W 2nd St, Suite 1900
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 690-4400